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About Us

We have an international business – so do you and most of the founders we meet. We realize that the business has outgrown the barriers of geographies long time back – even before Donald Trump came to power.

Global businesses must comply with multiple laws in all locations– and Spice Route Business wants to be your wingman in global compliance.

Spice Route Business helps you to comply effortlessly and appropriately, with all local and international legal requirements. Whether it is: incorporating in Singapore or annual Compliance in Delaware or tax filing in India. So that when you scale up, your legal and compliance automatically scales with you.

Our trio of technology, team and connections deliver you an integrated and situational: incorporation assistance, virtual compliance manager and a real-time risk assessment.

About Technology


We understand the pain of complying with different compliances demanded by different geographies. Our flagship product- ‘’- a one-click legal and compliance assistant, is an attempt to solve this problem. The product enables you to comply with any legal requirement in India and Singapore now and expected to enable 12 more countries by the end of 2018.

About Advantages

Spice Route Advantage

We want to give back power to the founders to know which compliances are ticked off and which is left to attend to. We give you freedom, savings in time and money to by making your legal and compliance process frictionless by:

1. Integrating international compliances in a single platform

2. Using the power our custom Artificial Intelligence automation

3. One-click compliance manager.

About Team


Our team of experts empowers you to resolve your: incorporation, banking, taxation, compliances, regulatory, intellectual property matters in all geographies you operate from.


  • Nandu R Kumar

    Nandu is a business advisor with over a decade of experience advising leading corporates investing in India on the intricacies of doing business in the worlds noisiest democracy.His particular areas of interest are corporate governance, compliance and anti-corruption.

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  • Sriram Chidambaram

    Sriram is a finance professional with over 18 years of experience in corporate finance ,M & A, due diligence, international taxation, fund raising ,strategic planing, performance management ,profit improvement and cost management.Sriram has experience in multiple jurisdictions ranging from Asia to Americas.

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  • Mathew Chacko

    Mathew is a lawyer with a focus on the cross border investments , data technology and trade flows.He has acted on some of the most challenging cross border deals involving India and South East Asia.

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  • Praveen Raju

    Praveen is a corporate commercial lawyer with over 14 years of experience having worked in India and Singapore. He focuses on general corporate , domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions , join ventures , private equity and venture capital transactions.

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