Accounting & Tax Services

Being in charge of a flourishing business requires you to be transparent and compliant. Bookkeeping records a business' daily financial transactions in a systematic and verifiable method. These records help your company fulfill the compliance requirements stipulated by IRAS and ACRA.

Spice Route offers expertise in all global accounting related scenarios including setting up of accounting systems, consolidation of accounts, Internal audit, account due diligence and cleanup.

Our custom jurisdiction based financials metrics empower you with timely compliance of all accounting and reporting norms.

Bookkeeping and preparation of year-end financial statements

Set up the accounting system

Prepare the chart of accounts

Prepare monthly cash and bank reconciliation statements

Prepare management financial reports and GST returns

Compile statutory financial statements in accordance with Financial Reporting Standards

Prepare financial statements in XBRL format for ACRA filing

Internal Audit

Spice Route Business’ helps you to conduct internal audit. Internal audit is a vital driver apt for management control, proactive risk management, best corporate governance and ongoing process improvement.

Corporate tax computation and filing

Every company in Singapore is required to file returns (Form C-S / Form C) with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore even if it is making losses. Companies that do not meet the Form C-S qualifying conditions will need to file Form C together with their financial statements, tax computations and supporting schedules.

Goods & Services tax (GST) filing

Advise and documentation on GST registration for your business

Prepare and file GST claims

Certificate of Residence (COR)

A COR is required by companies in order to certify its Singapore tax residency. Spice Route Business can assist with the application of COR for companies to avail tax benefits under the Double Taxation Agreement (DTA).

Transfer Pricing (TP) Agreement

We undertake transfer pricing analysis to identify the optiml margins to be kept for transfers between related parties making it convenient for clients to create a secure and flexible TP policy aligned to your corporate objectives as per the jurisdictions you operate from.

Personal tax filing

Determine factors affecting personal tax calculation

Advise on deductions and payments modes