Cross Border TAX Advisory

Global investments are primarily influenced by market dynamics and business considerations. However, tax and regulatory aspects has always been key players in such investment decisions.

Clearly, optimization of the corporate tax and aligning tax-saving tactics to your corporate finance strategy is vital in increasing stakeholder value.

Our Global Tax Advisory Team focuses on delivering tailor-made tax solutions for global enterprises. So, that your business can work on creating value, without worrying about the complex tax and regulatory challenges across all your destinations.

Cross-Border Tax Structuring and Planning:

Multi-country businesses need to be on their heels and comply with various changes in the regulation at all their locations. In the ever-changing regulatory and tax environment, we keep stock of changes our insight allow you reduce risk tax noncompliance.

We find various tax saving opportunities, by structuring your business strategy and operational design. Thus, streamlining your tax function using tax optimizing processes, control techniques and software tools. We also help you to reach Jurisdiction for tax efficiency by implementing our location tax optimization metrics.

We also streamline your tax policies and financial structure to help you avail all available tax breaks or holidays across various location you operate from.

Transfer Pricing (TP):

As a global business, your organization usually transact between parent, branch or subsidiary offices and those exchanges are called Transfers. Transfer can be done in supplies, unfinished goods or labor etc. Transfer pricing is a hot button among international regulators and most countries tend to regulate TP strictly because of its net tax impact on their exchequers.

We undertake transfer pricing analysis and study to identify the optimal margins to be kept for transfers. Thus, you can easily draw up, direct, redraw and defend your transfer pricing policies and processes. Making it easy to create a secure and flexible TP policy aligned to your corporate objectives as per the jurisdictions you operate from.

Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs).

DTAA agreements try to synergize taxation and avoid double taxation on passive and active incomes across business jurisdictions. Double taxation relief (DTR) emerges form DTAA providing tax credit complaint individuals and companies.

Under this treaty certain exemptions, reduced rates or withholdings do exist for certain incomes. Our consultants will help you find an optimized tax structure, control and process to fully utilize DTAA’s benefits.

Tax Compliance and Risk Assessment:

Across your various jurisdictions there will different indirect and direct taxes and it very difficult to comply with ease to these strict requirements without a structured and outcome-based tax complain plan.

Tax complex locations would house multiple taxes like Value Added Tax, Octroi, other entry taxes making it complex even to do a tax audit. Even with Goods and Services Taxes rates applicable are different across various products and services to all your destinations.

So, a through Tax accounting and tax audit is a prerequisite for a highly optimized tax control and process methodology. We look for kinks in you taxation process and mend it with tax saving in mind.

We also a provide a jurisdiction based tax matrix, to help you know the impact of your custom tax process.