Funding Due Diligence

The process of due diligence looks like this:

Submit the your documents to run security, credential and reputation checks--:

Spice route will analyse the projection and do a market opportunity assessment --

After technical analysis, We will engage with you to assess the risk involved do ---

We will sit with investor expert panel and assess the key opportunities and risk (SWOT and GAP analysis)---

We will continuously evaluate the situation and strategically advice you on next actions.

How does due diligence work?

A company who looks to gain receive the decent return from funding round must conduct proactive and continuous due diligence.

Continuous review, planning and correction every step of the way from interest to investment and even the day to day to management of investee company.

How is your approach to due diligence?

At Spice Route, we look at analytical and emotional aspects to do comprehensive investee due diligence. We evaluate key performance ratios and do extrapolations. We also take into account competitive advantages like patents and invested team’s technical skills of team members.

What to expect?

Our subject matter specialist like chartered accountants, company secretaries, corporate attorneys; tax consultants, compliance experts take care and provide 10-100 hours of consulting to you.

We look at investee functional competence, confidence, the temperament the investee team. We will see how honest are about meeting the investor expectations and if you prepared adverse news and tackle challenges.