International Book Keeping

Being in charge of a flourishing global business requires you to be transparent, locally and internationally compliant. Bookkeeping is one such initiative you need to regularly comply with. Bookkeeping records a business daily financial transactions in a systematic and verifiable method.

Spice Route offers our expertise in all global accounting related scenarios including setting up of accounting systems, local and HQ level GAAP compliance, consolidation of books of accounts, transfer pricing, safe harbor consulting, Place of effective Management (PoEM) consulting, MIS reporting etc.

Our custom jurisdiction based financials metrics empowering you with just in time compliance of all accounting and reporting norms.

Setting up of Accounting Systems

Most of the entrepreneurs run around to find records of transactions come filing time. Many ventures learn the hard way that bookkeeping is necessary. Using a software is always a good option because of it systematics and automates record keeping and statement preparation in many cases.

Be it Quickbooks, Xero, Odoo, Zoho, Tally or SAP, Oracle or MS Navision, we set up your accounting system on the jurisdictions you operate and set the taxonomies appropriate for each jurisdiction.

We provide multiple cross-platform support – i.e. you can use Xero for Singapore, Quickbooks in USA and Tally in India. We are certified Quickbooks Pro Advisors and Xero bronze partner.

Local and Global Bookkeeping

Whether it be Germany, Brazil or Singapore we draft all your books and statements based on local statutes and guidelines. We also a make it easy for you get a bird's eye view branch level books and statements whenever the need comes.

Our accounting subject matter team will help to arrive at a branch level view based on local GAAP norms and other regulations.We also help in the consolidation process for a Headquarter level consolidated books and statements.

Structuring & Tax Planning

Multi-country businesses need to be on their heels and act accordingly to various changes in the regulation at all your locations. We find various tax saving opportunities arising from profit and cash flow paths of your company.

We also help you to reach Jurisdiction for tax efficiency by implementing our location tax optimization metrics. We help get tax free zone registrations that you can enjoy 100% ownership to expatriates and convenience of single window approval system.

Safe Harbour Consulting:

A safe harbor protection in company lawreduces liability or penalty if "good faith" is demonstrated to the authority concerned. Given some specific situations or if certain conditions are met.

From an accounting point of view ‘Good faith,’ means keeping up to date GAAP compliant books, fulfilling transfer pricing norms and complying with mandatory local compliances.

We help and consult as your extended accounting arm to keep your book in the complaint all provision of safe harbor rules. So that you get protection afforded to your law when it needed the most.

Transfer Pricing (TP):

As a global business, your organization usually transact between parent and branch/subsidiary offices or vice versa and those exchanges are called Transfers. Transfer can be done in supplies, unfinished goods or labor etc.

Transfer pricing is a hot button among international regulators. Countries are strictly regulating TP because of its Net Tax impact on their exchequers.

Our consultants help to take stock of various changes and comply with every requirement at all your locations, thus mitigating the risk of lingering litigation. We build secure, flexible TP policy as per the jurisdictions you operate. We undertake transfer pricing analysis and study to identify the optimal margins to be kept for transfers.

Place Of Effective Management (PoEM)

The PoEM means ‘a place wherein vital management, commercial and business decisions essential for the smooth conduct of your business is made as a whole or in substantive parts’.

The regulation is targeted at a shelf company with passive incomes from patents: for example, pharma shelf, personal holding companies without any operations.

PoEM streamlines taxation in accordance with global standards and the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs). So, it’s an internationally applicable strict regulatory requirement.

We help you structured process for recording all you company proceeding, mandatory filing, labor and social security filings enabling you to make the best use oF PoEM rules.

Our resident director services help to find a native director across multiple jurisdictions. Our global compliance advisory and consultant network will help to fulfill all PoEM provisions so that you can make the best use of corporate tax saving opportunities.