Startup Valuation

External factors influencing valuation include:

Expected demand/supply conditions in the sector,

Profit margins of your competitors,

Recency of major big ticket exists in the market

Governmental legislation and policy, etc

When should a startup business valuate itself?

Valuation will be necessary during:

Fresh investments is sought

Planning to issue Employee Stock Option (ESOP)

Before a Merger & Acquisitions / Business Sales Buy-Sell and Before drafting a new shareholder agreement

Before issuing equity or preference shares at a premium

Seeking financial assistance from Banks and Financial Institutions

After exit of large shareholders

After sale or transfer of equity at a premium

During issue of sweat equity shares

During a compromise/arrangement with creditors or members

During sale of minority shareholding

Submission of report by company liquidator

Declaration of solvency in case of proposal to wind up voluntarily

Our valuations service cover various pre- funding and post funding scenarios:

Pre-money valuations services:

We help investors and entrepreneurs find out the true value of your startup. So, business owners can negotiate on terms, the position to sell and price of equity stake while raising capital.

Valuations for mergers and acquisitions (M & A):

Spice route helps we to determine the optimal debt and equity ratio so that you can negotiate terms and conditions during an M & A scenario.